Predator, Prey interactions

Interaction controls and notes

In this example, the random death rates of predators and prey can be changed with the 1 and 2 keys respectively to values between 0 and 0.9 (90%). You can also change the update delay with d, pause and unpause (p), and step the animation when paused (s).

Predator, Prey screenshot

To reset the animation press the r key, and to randomly insert cells press f (more prey will be created than predators).

Modifying the death rates results in some interesting conclusions to the animation:

  1. An over-successful predator is more likely to cause its own destruction through erradication of its food source (prey)
  2. A prey with a higher death rate is more likely to result in the premature extinction of the predators, due to them being unable to find food

I advise playing around with the settings of this example to see some interesting outcomes.

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