Snake Game

Globals and configuration

In our Javascript file, (snake-game.js), we'll begin by creating some global variables. The first of these will store a reference to our Canvas elements 2D drawing context:

var ctx = null;

Additionally, we'll have some variables for keeping track of the frame rate of the game (for informational purposes), the currently elapsed game time and exact time of the last frame, and a boolean flag that determines whether or not we'll show the frame rate on the screen.

var gameTime = 0, lastFrameTime = 0;
var currentSecond = 0, frameCount = 0, framesLastSecond = 0;
var showFramerate = false;

We also need some offset variables - we'll use these to calculate where to draw the game on our canvas:

var offsetX = 0;
var offsetY = 0;

We also want to store some information about the cursor. Our global mouseState object will store the last recorded x, y position of the cursor on the Canvas, and a click parameter - null if no new mouse click has been recorded, otherwise the position in the form of an array ([x, y]):

var mouseState = {
	x	: 0,
	y	: 0,
	click	: null


The current state of the game is stored as an object with a number of attributes:

  • screen - the current screen to draw
  • dir - the current snake direction (up:0, right:1, down:2, left:3)
  • moveDelay - the time, in milliseconds, to move 1 tile
  • lastMove - the game time, in milliseconds, the snake began moving from its current tile to the next tile
  • snake - an array of map coordinate, starting at the snakes head and working to its tail, containing all of the segments of the snake
  • newBlock - the coordinates of the next piece of food the snake can consume
  • mapW, mapH - the map dimensions, in tiles
  • tileW, tileH - the map tile dimensions, in pixels
  • score - the current score during a game
  • newBest - a boolean flag to determine if the score the player has achieved at the end of a game is higher than the current bestScore
  • bestScore - the best score the player has achieved this session in a game
var gameState = {
	screen		: 'menu',
	dir		: 0,
	moveDelay	: 300,
	lastMove	: 0,
	snake		: [],
	newBlock	: null,
	mapW		: 14,
	mapH		: 14,
	tileW		: 20,
	tileH		: 20,
	score		: 0,
	newBest		: false,
	bestScore	: 0
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