Privacy & what we store

In order to make this website function as we intend it to, and to provide the best experience to you, the user, that we can, we sometimes need to store certain pieces of information about you.


To allow access to registered member only sections, or to store website preferences, or to check that you have performed certain actions on the website or agreed to certain Terms, we may need to store small amounts of information on your machine in the form of browser Cookies.

Identifying information

When logging in to certain areas of the website, filling out forms, or performing certain actions, we may ask you to provide us with certain personal information for identifying and contacting you. This information is provided voluntarily by you, and will be kept safe and private by us to the best of our ability.

We may also store your IP address when you attempt to log in the specific areas of the website, or perform specific actions on the website.

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